the office_

The architectural office of Vassilis M. Petropanagiotakis was founded in 2008, following his departure from the office of Alexandros Tombazis, after a long and successful collaboration. Since then, VMP Architects & Partners provide design, supervision and construction services in many fields and a broad range of scales of architectural works, such as houses, office buildings and business premises.

The design of VMP focuses on human and its best possible living in the architectural space. Basic tools, used during the design process, heading towards this philosophy is the appropriate use of light, the simple – pure geometry, the fundamental principles of the modern movement, the bioclimatic design as also the climate of the location and the characteristics of the land. The architectural space is structured according to the specific requirements of our clients in order to accommodate in the best possible way all their needs and activities.

The work of VMP is characterized by the fusion of interior with exterior spaces through large glazed surfaces, allowing the light to spread in the internal spaces, making the space functional and friendly. Courtyards, atriums, carefully orientated building volumes and shading systems are some of the elements that contribute towards this direction. Aim of VMP is to create innovative solutions adapted to the wishes and needs of the habitant, never neglecting what is really necessary and what is not, believing that in this way we provide solutions that have not only a superficial but a deeper inner beauty.